Graton's custom landscapes provides expert irrigation installation and repair services.


Our installation services can provide you with a beautiful lawn in no time.


Let our maintenance crew keep your lawn in its best shape.

Patios and Paths

We build beautiful stone patios that you will enjoy in multiple ways.

Water Features

Water features are beautiful eye catching elements to any landscape.


Our experience in installing landscapes gives us an insider's perspective when implementing your irrigation system.

From the complex country home with multiple water sources to the varied terrain in hillside areas with city water, our systems are unparralleled for the complete care of your landscape plantings.

Graton's Custom Landscapes is here to fulfill your lawns irrigation needs.

If you need quality installed sprinklers, then our licensed professionals and irrigation auditors can meet that need. We are proud to recommend and use Hunter and Rain Bird products.

We make sure are clients are getting the best irrigation technology and design.

  • Irrigating of landscapes already installed
  • Big guns on big areas (rotors & acres)
  • High efficiency systems
  • Low volume water-wise irrigating and drip systems
  • Spring tune ups and Irrigation Audits


At Graton's we specialize in installing lawns.

One of the most eye catching elements of any landscape is the big green lawn. Our installation is setup so  it stays greener longer and can be maintained easier. We will grade out the lawn area making sure it is free of low and highs and that water will properly drain.

Quick installations with sod.

Our sod installation is top of the industry and we can provide you a beautiful, full lawn in days amount of time, no need to wait for weeks.

Your lawn will stay greener longer.

Included with our installation service is important steps to make sure your lawn stays healthy. This includes doing irrigation, whether it be re-nozzling sprinkler heads or even adding and removing heads altogether. Our installation services are great and we know you will be happy with the finished product.


We offer custom programs to help keep your landscape at a level that makes you proud.

Whether it’s a home or place of business, you work too hard to have to spend your precious remaining time maintaining the landscape.  Graton’s Custom Maintenance services follow the tested paths of communication, consistency, training and planning.

Each Maintenance program is customized and tailored by our professional recommendations to achieve your goals. 

Not every landscape is the same and Graton's knows that. Our professional staff can seek out the differences between each landscape and take the necessary steps to make sure it thrives. Let our experienced maintenance crews take off the burden of establishing your landscapes needs.

We will keep your landscape clean and green for all to see.

If entertaining is your thing, let us show you our over-the-top service to put you on the charts with complete care of your ponds, patios, night-lighting and our secret “Party Fertilizer" — sure to make you the envy of the party circuit.

Paths and Patios

At Graton's we are experts in the installation of Patios and Paths.

Are team has extensive experience in the application and will provide you an excellent finished product that you will love. A patio provides an awesome look and even better functionality to your landscape.

Allow us to build your patio or path in your material of choice.

We can fashion them out of many different materials, flagstone, pavers and more. Our paths are also a very good element to your dream landscape.

A Patio or a Path can make an excellent addition to your landscape

They give your landscape something for the eye to follow and the feet to stay clean. Consider one of these in your landscape to complete that dream look your sought after.

Water Features

Make that entryway or back yard come alive with sight and sound by adding water to your landscape.

Graton's Custom Landscapes specializes in creating features, waterfalls and streams that are low maintenance and high output. From fountains to babbling brooks we will deliver on one of the most sought after landscape features around. We can fit a stream, small creek, or rushing rapid into a location that will meet your needs.

Consider a water feature in one of these areas:

Gardens - a stunning water feature in your garden can add a sense of balance to any outdoor area.
Foyers - fountains are a wonderful way to greet guests and make them feel welcome.
Living Areas - water fountains add balance and fill empty spaces as well as creating a centered gathering place for friends and family as they enjoy the sound of water.
Offices - water fountains large or small, desktop or built-in, make any office come alive with splash and color.

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